Special Project (August 2013)


Zeitgeist is highly influenced by digital media, which serves as a tool to manipulate, to fool and to aestheticize the environment. The topic of beauty gets strongly redefined and reshaped by this spirit of the time. The project “Beauty is only skin-deep“ picks up on the aspects of manipulation and aestheticizing of the environment by its chosen print-objects- which would normally be associated with disgust, dirt or fear – as well as its asymmetrical shape. By manipulating gross pictures the print gradually turns into a geometrical, harmonised pattern and the only thing “wrong“ seemed to be the asymmetry of the dress.

But are you able to figure out how many tarantulas are sitting on her bodice?



Autumn/Winter 2013


According to Matthias Horx, futurologist, technology is a product of human need and desire; a symbiotic co-evolution. The vision of a symbiotic co-evolution (where human beings and ever developing technology increasingly melt together) is the subject of the AW collection. – With technology fueling our modern existence, a world without it is unthinkable. This increasing dependence will ultimately end with a loss of reality.

To reflect this forecast the collection is accentuated by high tech materials, complex structured prints and futuristic silhouettes.





Autumn/Winter 2012


A new type of consumerism is taking hold. People around the world are making changes to simplify their finances, their consumption, their lives — because it makes them feel good. “Split clarity” and concentrate on simple, functional and essential elements.

By being focused on these aspects as well as sustainability, quality, hightech products, a mix of geometrical and organic shapes, the aim was to create a collection with clear cuts and a modern aesthetic.



Special Project (March 2011)


The commanding heights of political, corporate and academic power are still largely occupied by men, but for how much longer?

At most other levels in the developed world, women are moving up to take their place alongside men and even get ahead. Inspired by that trend 
and the images of strong women, the project exaggerates the structures and textures of an extremly trained female body by its concave shapes as well as by the use of leather skins.




Stefanie Hertling is a freelance designer and pattern cutter based in London. Her expertise covers fashion and computer-aided design as well as pattern making and an extensive knowledge of textile technology.

After having graduated in Fashion and Communications Design from Design Department Düsseldorf Stefanie moved to London to work first under Holly Fulton and currently Erdem.

The interdisciplinary course at the Design Department taught her how to create conceptually driven designs and focus on the bigger picture: not only the garment itself, but all the opportunities that arise from a well thought through concept, as well as connecting fashion with multimedia design and business.

As a final graduation project Stefanie created a collection of ten outfits and a selection of multidisciplinary tasks evolving around the designs. Her work was subsequently featured in several exhibitions and publications about fashion design and its concepts for the future.


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Stefanie Hertling
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